Horizontal Machining Center 'FH/HW'series
●Box guide ways realize long term high-precision and high rigidity. Heat treated box guide ways are installed on the surface which has high straightness and perpendicularity by scraping.                 
●Twin ball screw is adopted for driving all axes (X, Y, and Z) to realize the feed rate of 48 m/min and acceleration of 0.5 G, which is the highest in this class.          
Center trough eliminates troubles caused by cutting chips.        
In addition, HW55A is equipped with an access door that opens wide up to the ceiling and swing type operation board that enables a user to face parallel to the work piece in the machine for improved workability at presetting.
Item Unit HW630A
Stroke X-axis mm 1,000
Y-axis mm 850
Z-axis mm 850
Table Palette size mm 630×630
Maximum loading weight kg 1,000
Spindle Taper   ISO 7/24 Taper No.50
Spindle rotation speed min-1 50 6,000 (OP15,000)
Feed rate Rapid feed rate m/min 48
Cutting feed rate(max.) m/min 20
APC   2APC Front side turn type
ATC Number of tools to be strored pcs. 60
Machine weight Kg About 19,000

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