5-axes Control Horizontal Machining Center(Table on Table)
●This is a built-in type horizontal 5 Axes machining center where C-axis table is placed on the B axis.      
●HU50-T have φ360 palette four APC as standard specifications. Other specifications including 400 palette APC models, φ360 fixed table models, automatic work piece change by 50T taper tool shank are available.
●By adopting integrated B axis and C axis and three roller bearing, rigidity is improved.
Indexing speed of B axis and C axis is unprecedented (Rapid feed /cutting feed rate of 30 min-1 at both B axis and C axis). In addition, rapid rising is realized.
Item Unit HU40-T
Stroke X-axis mm 610
Y-axis mm 560
Z-axis mm 560
B-axis  ° -90+180
C-axis °  360
Table Palette size mm φ360
Maximum loading weight kg 100
Spindle Taper   ISO 7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle rotation speed min-1 80 8,000
Rapid feed rate XYZ-axis m/min 36
B-axis °/min 30
C-axis °/min 30
APC   4
ATC Number of tools to be strored pcs. 60
Machine weight Kg About 13,000
OP= Option

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