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AKB-13 Kuraki

AKB-13 Standard Specifications

Stroke X axis travel £¨table longitudinal£© mm £¨inch£© 3000 £¨118.11£©
Y axis travel £¨spindle vertical£© mm £¨inch£© 2000 £¨78.74£©
Z axis travel £¨column cross£© mm £¨inch£© 1600 £¨62.99£©
W axis travel £¨spindle axial£© mm £¨inch£© 700 £¨27.56£©
Distance from table top to spindle center mm £¨inch£© 0¡«2000 £¨0¡«78.74£©
Distance from table center to spindle nose mm £¨inch£© 800¡«2400 £¨31.50¡«94.49£©
Table Table work space mm £¨inch£© 1800×2000 £¨70.87×78.74£©
Table maximum loading capacity kg £¨lbs£© 12000 £¨26400£©
Table top profile mm £¨inch£© 22 £¨0.87£© 7T slots
Table auto.indexing ° 0.001£¨every 90°index. by locate pin£©
Spindle Head Boring spindle diameter mm £¨inch£© 130 £¨5.12£©
Spindle speed£¨for every 1min-1£© min-1 9¡«3000
Spindle speed change range step 2
Spindle taper   BBT50£¨BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system£© *
Feed Rapid traverse £¨X・Y・Z£© m £¨inch£©/min 10 £¨393.70£©
£¨W£© m £¨inch£©/min 6 £¨236.22£©
Feedrate mm £¨inch£©/min 1¡«4000 £¨0.04¡«157.48£©
Table revolution min-1 1.4
Automatic Tool Changer £¨ATC£© Tool shank   MAS BT50£¨BBT50 BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system *£©
Pull stud   MAS P50T-1£¨45°£©
Tool storage capacity pc 40
Max. tool diameter [vacant adjacent pots] mm £¨inch£© 125 £¨4.92£©[240 £¨9.45£©]
Max. tool length mm £¨inch£© 400 £¨15.75£©
Max. tool weight kg £¨lbs£© 25£¨55£©
Tool selection   At random
Motors Spindle motor kW £¨HP£© AC30£¨40£©£¨30 min£©/22£¨30£©£¨cont.£©
Feed motor kW £¨HP£© X・Z£º6.0£¨8.0£©/Y・W・B£º3.0£¨4.0£©
Hydraulic motor kW £¨HP£© 3.7£¨4.9£©
Voltage Power capacity£¨Not incl. opt£© kVA 67
Air pressure source pressure MPa 0.5
Air pressure source flow £¨Not incl. opt£© NL/min 400£¨atm£©
Dimensions Machine height mm £¨inch£© 4800 £¨188.98£©
Floor space £¨Not incl. opt£© mm £¨inch£© 7500×7125 £¨295.28×280.51£©
Machine weight£¨Incl. NC unit£© kg £¨lbs£© 35000 £¨77000£©
•Specification is subject to change without further notice.
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